Here are the top issues Kenmore is grappling with, and what I intend to do about them:

Climate Action
Time is running out. We must listen to the science and we must act now.

Research from the U.N. makes it clear: cities are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. I intend to use my seat on the Council to rally people to demand that our regional energy providers phase out fossil fuels and move toward sustainable energy sources.

Affordable Housing

Too often, 'affordable housing' is a label applied to housing that isn't affordable for too many of us. We must create a variety of accessible, permanent housing options for all residents, especially those at the lowest income levels AND ensure that our houseless neighbors have a safe and welcome place to sleep every night.

Proactive Civic Engagement
Innovation can create a more responsive local government

Underpinning each of these priorities is my years of experience in civic technology. Through innovation and organized collective action, my office will identify opportunities and develop new solutions to address our problems head on. Challenges that appear intractable CAN be met and defeated through our collective power.