Meet Jon

I’m a Dad, advocate, small business owner, and Millennial here in Kenmore.

I’ve been a Northshore area resident for six years and have lived in the Greater Seattle area my entire adult life.

I work in tech and build digital products to help people participate actively in democracy. My advocacy work has been featured across national news outlets, including The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NBC News, The American Prospect, and many others.

Why I’m Running

My campaign is rooted in empowering Kenmore residents with tools, research, and pathways for better understanding and participating in our civic and political life together. I believe government should work for the people, not the other way around, and I am ready to make that happen with you. I will use my office on council to create opportunities for deeper engagement and involvement that go beyond just voting every other year and hoping for the best.

I am also running to bolster Kenmore’s commitment to tackling climate change locally. We’ve got ten years, if we’re lucky, to buffer ourselves from the worst effects of a collapsing climate. We are out of time for incrementalism. This moment calls for Kenmore to boldly rise to the occasion and lead the way for cities across Washington state and the country.

Finally, I am running to give younger generations hope. My goal is to pave the way for a crowd of future candidates and advocates to take a much more active role in civics and politics. Our democracy works best when voters are engaged, excited, and fully participating. This is my life’s work.

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